Experiential Learning: Discovering and experiencing ideas for yourself when playing video games

Experiential Learning: Discovering and experiencing ideas for yourself when playing video games

A problem for learning 

Learning is tough. Student performance is based upon their ability to remember and  apply what is learned. Learning is hard because our brain chemistry resists change,  unless the brain deems information important enough to remember for its survival. The  brain determines importance based on context and relevance, found in the way in which information is delivered. If information is deemed irrelevant, it will be mostly forgotten within 72 hours. 

Solution: Experiential Learning 

Video games that allow people to discover and experience ideas for themselves  represent a seismic shift in the way we learn and grow. Discovery requires exploration, play  and challenges that keep moving the destination (goal) ahead in reachable increments.  

People who discover something for themselves own that discovery. Experiential learning required a shift of focus for teaching from epistemology (knowledge) to ontology  (being). To gain experience with a subject a student has to develop and express mastery. In an experiential video game, players are allowed to explore and discover. Players  invent, try, succeed or fail in rapid cycles. Games have an uncanny capacity to stimulate  our brains. The best serious games use that power to stimulate learning.

Ignite. Empowering Greatness

Ignite Leadership is a video game developed by Ncite that successfully manages to provide experiential  learning in a deep practice learning environment. It is a multi-week game experience  that causes real world results through in-game learning moments. At its heart, Ignite  Leadership helps players improve on their teamwork, customer relationship, creativity,  problem solving and management skills as well as other aspects of personal and  interpersonal development by giving them the opportunity to practice honing these skills in a safe environment built specifically for their success. 

In Ignite Leadership, players manage their very own sports team that they can train through the powerful vehicle of the coach/athlete metaphor. Coaching enables players  to develop their ability to think about skill development, performance and goals. The  actions players make count towards their Path to Mastery score. Increasing this score  consists on completing certain in-game goals that fall under various classifications and  depend on the type of interactions players have with their athletes:

“The system has obviously been well thought out. The ability to develop the team  through open conversation as well as assigned tasks is a clear and engaging analogy for leadership. The focus on engagement in particular through thoughtful dialogue is great!”

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