Your Brain on Games

The brain is not built for change – A brief journey into the science of the brain and how video games play with your hormones According to Evolutionary Neuroscientists like Professor Daniel Wolpert of Cambridge,  our brains developed a large capacity for memory and a frontal cortex to predict the  future, not like a fortune…
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Best practices in game-based learning

Game simulations for employee training Proven success in transferring skills learned playing a videogame into the workplace A few years ago Coca-Cola went through a reorganization and formed a new business unit from four European territories. They called the new unit the Northwest Europe and Nordics or NWEN. In the reorganization, teams that once were…
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Educational games get children excited about learning

Educational games excite young minds Educational games help teachers connect with students Educational games make learning and teaching fun Today’s children are growing up in the digital age. Screens are part of virtually every household, and kids’ attention is too often commanded by social media, video games, and streaming sites. And while these tools may…
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