Mini Games Factory

1. Learning Content

We analyze existing digital and non-digital learning content. We also create new content and transform it into accessible digital learning modules for different audiences.

Game Mechanics

2. Game Mechanics

From puzzles, races, platformers, obstacle courses to quizzes, with more than 50 different fun game mechanics we can provide a whole array of fun learning games.

3. Gamification

Earn points, collect badges, level up your experience and conquer the leaderboard! The gamification layer we add to our learning games has proven to increase user engagement, loyalty and happiness!

Look and Feel

4. Look and Feel

We create personalized and unique art work for each of our clients. Clients can also choose from different skins for existing games, each with a unique look and feel.

5. Data and Insights

For each of our digital solutions we provide a custom data dashboard that provides insights on key metrics and enables our clients to measure the impact of their product.

Data and Insights

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Fun and unique mini games in no time!

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