Game Mechanics

We provide efficiency and excellence

Corporate Training:

Micro & Mobile Learning Platform

Get to know our proprietary web and mobile learning architecture that gives our clients the freedom to create learning paths, design digital courses and define interactive segments in the form of quizzes.

Take control of your user experience with a few clicks in the management and content dashboard. Our whitelabel solution can get tailored to your needs and your look & feel in a few easy steps.


Publishing Houses:

Learning games for the classroom

We are game makers with a long trajectory of creating learning games for editorial houses in the school book market. Over the years we have perfected our way of creating learning games and created our in-house game engine that enables us to quickly match intended learning outcomes with the fitting game mechanic.

Our Learning Game Factory  allows us to churn out high quality learning games at a rapid pace – no matter what subject or learning context.


Financial Education:

Suite of Financial Literacy and Training Products

We have the privilege of working with a large number of international foundations dedicated to creating social impact by providing financial education to audiences in the developing world and to youth education programs.
With our suite of digital products we provide a range of user experiences and engagement mechanics that have established us as a sought-after digital technology partner.