We transform the world through play

We use games and apply gamification elements to digital learning experiences. Our learning platforms, games and apps are fun and engaging and most importantly:
They produce amazing results.


We have the right solution for you

We are experts in developing corporate training solutions, financial education products and learning games for the classroom. We have developed proprietary tools, engines and platforms that enable us to create tailored solutions quickly and efficiently. Get to know our mobile and micro training platform, our learning game “factory” and our financial literacy training suite.



We create tailored digital learning experiences

We are experts in digital education and support our clients from project ideation and instructional design to multi-platform software development and road to market (product release). Our team consists of experienced web, mobile and dashboard developers, digital education and instructional designers, digital artists, data analysts and digital marketing experts.


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Latest News

The first Educational Game: A flight simulator

Ed Link built the first flight simulator in 1927.  The US patent office declared it a “novel  amusement device”.  In 1934, 9 Army Corps pilots died in a three week[…]

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Experiential Learning: Discovering and experiencing ideas for yourself when playing video games

A problem for learning  Learning is tough. Student performance is based upon their ability to remember and  apply what is learned. Learning is hard because our brain chemistry resists change, […]

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Video Games – The high engagement transformation delivery system

Your Brain on Games.   Our brains are designed to pay more attention to emotionally charged situations. We  are drama addicts in one form or another. In this way daytime TV[…]

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